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Real McKoy Driving School Inc.

"Educating lifelong safe drivers."

Customer Testimonials

"Spanish is my first language. I've been driving with a learner permit for the past 5 years.  I'm forced to drive because I must work. Everyday I risk driving to work. I failed the first time but after having Andrew as my Instructor I passed the 2nd time. I prefer Andrew over the spanish speaking driving instructor. Thanks to Andrew I now drive with a license."
                                                                                               -Maria Hernandez, House Sitter, Molly Maid

"Andrew is a fantastic driving instructor. He is extremely knowledgeable and enabled me to pass my driving test with flying colors."              

                                                                                   -Sherry Silverman, 76 year old who retook roadtest


"Andrew's parallel parking technique works everytime"

- Brandon Oliver, Lifegaurd, Rye Beach Pool


"I only wanted Andrew to teach me how to drive. Getting instruction from anyone else was a waste of time."

- Jeron Boon, Long Island Dentist