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Single Driving Lessons                    

                                                              Express Road Test Fees

$60 per 45 mins                                       ~with car and lesson~
$75 per 1 hour  

$125 per 100 minutes                      this week Roadtest date: $360 

                                                         next week Roadtest date: $300
Express Dates Only                           2 week Roadtest date: $260

    this week $100                                 3 week Roadtest date: $220

                                                             next week $90                                a month Roadtest date: $180

                                                               2 week $80                        (distance & site location fee may apply)                                                                   3 week $70

                                                               4 week $60

                                                    Anytime Roadtest date: $40

                                                Car for Roadest w/lesson: $160

Student must have LEARNER PERMIT PICTURE ID to take roadtest.                 

Re-scheduling/Cancelation fee: $80

Refund given within 3 weeks of last payment received.


                                                     w/distance to Roadtest location:+$75/hr

   If you are unable to keep your lesson, please contact us 24 hours in advance. If not, lesson will be lost.

                                                      Make payment to guarantee services.


Package Deals                                           Roadtest package:

                                                           Purchase 10 hours of driving =  

                                                                     *Roadtest Day Free                                                                          

Driver's Packages

$600 includes ten 45 minute lessons , 5 hour class free

$750 includes 10 60 minute lessons, Roadtest free

$900 includes fifteen 45 minute lessons, Roadtest, 5 hour class free


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*roadtest fee applied (to package) if roadtest location is outside of nearest site.

**Students will become ineligible for a free roadtest if the roadtest date is not scheduled by the driving school.

$75 Mandatory 5-hour pre-licensing course

Monday-Friday 10am-3pm & 6pm-11pm

Saturday, Sunday 10am-3pm & 3pm-8pm

Contact us to reserve your seat! (914)502-3261