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Very easy to drive. Has gotten many compliments on digital clock

Single Driving Lessons                    

                                                              Express Road Test Fees

$60 per 45 mins                                       ~with car and lesson~
$80 per 1 hour  

$125 per 100 minutes                      this week Roadtest date: $360 

                                                         next week Roadtest date: $300
Express Dates Only                           2 week Roadtest date: $260

    this week $100                                 3 week Roadtest date: $220

                                                             next week $90                                a month Roadtest date: $180

                                                               2 week $80                        (distance & site location fee may apply)                                                                   3 week $70

                                                               4 week $60

                                                    Anytime Roadtest date: $40

                                                Car for Roadest w/lesson: $160

Student must have LEARNER PERMIT PICTURE ID to take roadtest.                 

Re-scheduling/Cancelation fee: $80

Refund given within 3 weeks of last payment received.


                                                     w/distance to Roadtest location:+$75/hr

   If you are unable to keep your lesson, please contact us 24 hours in advance. If not, lesson will be lost.

                                                      Make payment to guarantee services.


Hear this! We hold the Golden Crown with 100% passer rating for students who've already had a licence

Package Deals                                           Roadtest package:

                                                           Purchase 10 hours of driving =  

                                                                     *Roadtest Day Free                                                                          

Driver's Packages

$600 includes ten 45 minute lessons , 5 hour class free

$750 includes 10 60 minute lessons, Roadtest free

$960 includes sixteen 45 minute lessons, Roadtest, 5 hour class free


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*roadtest fee seperate (to package) if roadtest location is outside of nearest site.

**Students will become ineligible for a free roadtest if the roadtest date is not scheduled by the driving school.

Simple steering wheel mechanism

$75 Mandatory 5-hour pre-licensing course

Monday-Friday 10am-3pm & 6pm-11pm

Saturday, Sunday 10am-3pm & 3pm-8pm

Contact us to reserve your seat! (914)502-3261